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Translation Speed

How soon can I receive my translated documents?

CREDENTIAL’s full-time translators translate at a rate of about 3,000 words per day. Supporting processes such as desktop publishing are done separately and are generally not  included in the predicted translation completion time.

One Day Translation

I need something translated by today. Do you provide a same-day translation service?

CREDENTIAL’s translation system in which in-house translators are assigned to projects comprising major language pairs, is set up to allow for rapid response to urgent translation requests. Please call or send us an email if you would like more information.

Document Format

Can I send documents in various different formats?

In addition to documents created using a word processor, CREDENTIAL accept most file types, including uneditable images, AutoCAD drawings, documents for Adobe software, Xml, Xliff, and documents containing tags. You can expect all elements unrelated to the translation to return to you 100% intact.


My project is being managed confidentially in-house. I would like some information on CREDENTIAL’s privacy policy.

From the time of receipt until we return them to you, CREDENTIAL holds your source documents in strict confidentiality to the degree you so specify. For more information, please refer to the link.


I need my document notarized. Can I have this done at Credential?

If you need your document notarized, CREDENTIAL can have this done at a local notary office in Korea and send it to you via registered international express mail.

Translation Price

How are translation projects priced?

CREDENTIAL calculates all translation project costs based on the fixed price of each task involved. For more information, request a pricing table.

Translation Cost Estimation

I would like a translation cost estimate before requesting a formal quote.

Repeatedly occurring segments (paragraphs/sentences/words) and partially similar segments (paragraphs/sentences) are either reduced or excluded from the quote altogether, based on the fuzzy model. The number of repeated words (or characters in Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and segments not requiring translation are excluded from the quotation, and by multiplying the rate, you can estimate the translation cost. Accurate pricing based on document analysis is provided when you conclude an NDA with CREDENTIAL and submit your document to us for a quotation.

Translation Pricing Unit

There are many repetitions in the document I would like to have translated. Do I need to delete the repeated parts in order to receive a discounted price?

Repeated segments (paragraphs/sentences/words) and partially similar segments known as fuzzy matches(paragraphs/sentences), are either reduced or excluded altogether from quotations following document analysis.

No Advance Payment

Do I have to pay fees in advance?

Please understand that CREDENTIAL commences a project only once the deposit is settled. We make one or more billings in accordance with the contract concluded with you prior to commencement.

Translation Request

I have decided to submit a document for translation. How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed by sending us an email ([email protected]). When placing an order, you can request a sample translation.

Delivery Deadline

Am I sure to receive my translated documents by the agreed deadline?

Deadlines are determined in consultation with the customer before commencing the project. All of the variables identified in the initial document analysis stage are taken into consideration. Therefore, deadlines are strictly complied with. However, if there are unforeseen obstacles, such as technical complications related to the original document, or if there are unavoidable personal circumstances preventing staff from carrying out their functions as normal, delays may occur. CREDENTIAL will alert you of any such delay as soon as possible, and in such case as we cannot return your translated document to you within the stipulated time frame, CREDENTIAL will reimburse your costs in part or in full in accordance with the Liquidated Damages For Delayed Delivery stipulations set forth in the contract concluded with you.

Qualified Translators

What are the selection criteria for assigning translators?

As a rule, one or more native speakers of the target language are assigned to every project at the translation stage. Native speakers of the source or target language/s are assigned at the editing and proofreading stages, with assistance of subject matter experts if needed.

Translation Quality

Can I receive a sample translation before placing an order?

CREDENTIAL provide a sample translation service, unlike the conventional translation process in which product quality cannot be determined until the finished article is delivered. However, so that CREDENTIAL may assign sample translations to our highly competent translation team, and to allow more customers to make use of this service, CREDENTIAL’s sample translation service is limited to a certain number of words based on the size and other characteristics of the document to be translated.

Translation Memory

Is translation memory management possible even when the source is an image file?

Translation memory management is possible by making images, such as scans of the original documents, editable using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. However, if the resolution of the scanned document is poor, optical recognition may not be possible. For more information on this service, please send us an email with your questions.

DTP Software Files Translation

I have document created using a desktop publishing program that needs translated. Do I need to convert to PDF or Word format before placing an order?

CREDENTIAL accepts documents in destop publishing program formats for both Mac and PC without any need for you to convert before sending.

CAT Tool

What CAT Tools are used at CREDENTIAL?

Translators in CREDENTIAL use either SDL Trados or MemoQ when translating. If your in-company translation team uses a different CAT Tool, CREDENTIAL will convert your translation memory appropriately and send it to you.

Test Translation

Why / How CREDENTIAL does test translations for free?

CREDENTIAL assigns our in-house translation team to projects comprising major language pairs. Unlike conventional translation services, which donai??i??t allow the customer to have any idea as to the quality of the translation they are being provided with until they receive the finished product, CREDENTIAL offers its customers the chance to submit a portion of their document for a test translation.

Invoice Currency

What currency will my quote be in?

Quotes are given in either Korean Won (KRW) or U.S. Dollars (USD). Please let us know if you would like a quote in the currency of your country.

Progress Delivery

Can I receive the completed segments of my project throughout rather than receiving the finished product all at once?

CREDENTIAL allows its customers to receive completed segments throughout the duration of the project on a flexible schedule. However, CREDENTIAL expects longer lead time for the entire project when delivering multiple times for a single project.

Business Hours

What are Credential’s operating hours?

All service units operate 24/7.

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