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Legal Translation Services:
Translations for eDiscovery & Litigation Support

On your scope and budget.

From Pre-litigation to Trial, eDiscovery Translation shortcuts your ways in End-to-end Asian Languages Discovery.

Having provided translation services for law firms and their clients, CREDENTIAL’s legal translation staffs understand that fast and accurate translation of the high-volume ESI is a deciding factor in your successful defense of civil and criminal litigation cases.

This is why legal communities in and outside of East Asia choose CREDENTIAL’s translation services for law firms to facilitate their complex eDiscovery and language translation processes (eDiscovery Translation) in cross-border disputes and regulatory investigations.


Professional Legal Translators


ISO 9001 | 27001 Certified

credential localization servicesBenefiting Clients of Law Firms the Most

Meeting the growing demands for eDiscovery translation and high-volume legal translations that require both linguistic skills and tech-savviness, our legal translation plans reach out to not only conventional translation services, but also assistance for cost-saving that will benefit the clients of law firms the most.

CREDENTIAL legal translation services enable your legal team to:


Get your English-speaking attorneys review the translated ESI.

Stop hiring costly attorneys native to the source language of ESI anymore. Having attorneys in your vicinity review the documents save you big-time.

Digitize paper documents to take your Asian language electronic record management to the next level.

Our OCR technology and post-OCR engineering processes are optimized to serve Asian and Cyrillic characters, increasing the efficiency of any computer-assisted process followed.


Make our expert legal translators part of your team.

Preparing the contracts and governing laws in your language for reference helps foster your already hectic businesses.


Get linguists' assistance in culling and de-duping of the discovered ESI.

Give us the English keywords so that our in-country translators and linguists, native to the source language of the reviewable documents, can pick off near-duplications that your technology-assisted review (TAR) tool might have overlooked.

Re-prioritize your translatable documents to save even more.

Prioritize your documents by relevance and determine the scope of human translation / machine translation to save more.

credential localization servicesFinancial Translation Services for Parties to Actions and Law Firm Clients

Translation of financial terms and account titles into Asian languages must abide by the provisions of Asian accounting standards such as Japanese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (JGAAP), Korean International Financial Reporting Standards (K-IFRS), and New Chinese Accounting Standards (CAS).

Meet CREDENTIAL’s financial translation services for Multi-year Financial Statements, as well as general financial translations of Articles of Association, tax legislation, and quarterly / annual reports, specially designed for the clients of law firms.


Professional Financial Translation Services

credential localization servicesWide Range of Local and International Clients

Streamlining document review in the East Asian languages, we collaborate directly with legal case management teams of the parties to the case, eDiscovery agents and local / international law firms.

Challenges keep us fresh.



If you have upon you a challenging localization project, look to the faculties of our in-country translators, linguistic engineers, DTP specialists and subject matter experts, passionate and actionable and serving like they are part of your team,

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