Case Study - Translation & Localization Testing within an Agile Development Environment
Life Sciences


2 Mn.

(ko chars)


Language Pairs

3 months

Lead Time


  • Client bundles a collection of database from a Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • DB contents created by both client and 3rd party developers
  • Multi-language source (English and Korean, more than 20% of the source contents DEFECTIVE)
  • Internationalization should be taken into account for multi-language localization into zh-CN, and ko-KR
  • Client works Agileand localization processes must work well within that environment


  • Localization and localization testing offered in one seamless solution, and managed by a single PM
  • CREDENTIAL takes full responsibility for localization and testing
  • Adaptable process put in place, taking HIS from internationalization through full localization.
  • Process includes:
  • o Kick-off meeting to align expectations and responsibilities
    o Responsibilities assigned for all steps
    o Defined schedules

  • The problem discovered, existence of defective sources (Korean and English both) that haven’t been known by anyone else before CREDENTIAL , was resolved by internationalizing the entire contents, while working within Agile environment


  • Assured, consistent level of quality all across the HIS database into all target languages
  • Structured localization and testing processes work seamlessly with client’s Agile implementation
  • Client able to fully outsource localization and testing process to CREDENTIAL

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