Security Tips - How to maintain confidentiality when working with a localization company? | CREDENTIAL

In this post, we mean something practical that your confidentiality provision and NDA have left behind.

– An own-domain email account guarantees nothing

A translation company, tech-savvy, hosting its own mail server applying a network security means matching that of Google Mail or Mail Server, which is still vulnerable? Better not to expect.

A translation company is secure based not upon the fact that the company has own-domain email account, but upon its reliance on solid data encryption.

– Sometimes, file transfer is more secure than e-mailing

7-zipping your files for password encryption gives you a security plus-one.

Give your file package a good password that is going to be shared ONLY with the company. Using secure instant messenger or any other means you deem secure when sharing the password gives a little more twist.

– Communication with the translation company should also be regarded as a primary confidentiality concern.

Beware that your communication with the translation company may be subject to sneak attack, if made via unsecure means of communication.

While working with the members from the company with security awareness, requesting them to delete the mail threads when the particular project ends would help you rest assured.

– A qualified translation company stays responsible.

In fact, every document is confidential to us 🙂

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